Sunday, August 10, 2014


 green turtle,
 two green turtles, 
 three green turtles
 Five green turtles,
 six green turtles
 seven green turtles
more !

T is for Turtle is ready at last. he is in the shop and there is a 20 % discount for the weekend if you use the code FELTY.

I have been blanket stitchin' in me sleep.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Money money money

Money can be a touchy subject I know, but we are all friends here.
A friend of mine has been asked to do some stitching work for someone else.

My friend's stitching is beautiful . 
She is wondering what and how to charge for something like this, so I said I would ask the Brain's trust (that's you guys) on her behalf.

Is  it a charge by the hour thing?
Charge by the piece? 
Have you ever sewn / stitched / crafted for someone else in a formal kind of paid way.

Share your wisdom folks.
(Needless to say no-one would ever employ me based on my stitchery work)

Friday, August 1, 2014


I have set a Personal Best in tea-drinking and faffing today.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

beating a hasty retreat

I keep having to remind myself that it is only July. I seem to book things so far in advance that sometimes I feel like the next 6 months is already upon me.
 There is a small lull in proceedings at the moment but August 23rd 24th  will see me launching into party mode with Melanie of Melly & Me, and Rosalie Quinlan for Urban Stitches in Melbourne. That will be followed shortly after by Sydney on September 6th -7th. 

Basically a day at Urban stitches runs a little like this: Arrive at the venue, have a cuppa and get given your name tag and goody bag ! Find a table for your group or join a table if you have come along on your own (lots of people come on there own - its no biggie at all).
Erica's gorgeous shop is there if you would like to do a bit of shopping. There is always a bit of a rush first thing in the morning.
We generally kick off proceedings with a bit of housekeeping and Rosie, Mel and I will show you our projects that we have designed for the weekend.
The projects we have designed are included in your goody bag and are completely kitted - fabrics, buttons, cosmo threads- everything you'll need. there is always loads of other goodies in there too.
The rest of the day passes in a blur of laughter, stitching and eating. (lots of eating)
There is time for show and tell, where participants do exactly that and we all get too ooh and aaah over other people's work. Its a great big crafty hang out. Rosie, Mel and I are there to pass on our crafty wisdom (I prefer to offer life coaching myself) and we all have a great crazy time.
Some people come along for one day and some come for two.
Rumour has it that one very special participant will be attending both Melbourne and Sydney - four days !!!
(She likes to stitch).
If you would like to come along - you can click here to find out some more info or click over to Under the Mulberry Tree to make a booking.
I can't be promising pigs in the foyer this year but I reckon we'll rustle up a bit of fun.

Any questions?

Thursday, July 24, 2014

You're gonna need a bigger boat

daaaaah nuh
 daaaaah nuh, 
 daah nuh, 
daah nuh,

dah-nuh dah-nuh,dah-nuh,dah-nuh

Sunday, July 20, 2014

In one fell swoop (blatant advertising)

Do you remember the angst I had about the Craft and Quilt show ? 
Did I blog about it?

Mostly it was just me trying to figure out how many of each thing to take along.
Turns out that I guessed pretty well and lots and lots of kits and things sold out.

I have spent the weekend adding kits (they contain a paper pattern), fabric packs (just the fabrics- no pattern included), beautiful little buttons, safety eyes, felt packs, fabrics and delicious trims to my big cartel shop.

The postage thing is a bit dementing and I'll admit to it being a best guess - so if I have it horribly wrong I'll be sure to fix it up. It is the whole, "ïf posted with something else" amount that is bonkers.
I will only be posting these items within Australia, because thanks to the Australian Postal system, it will cost me more to post these things internationally than the items are worth.
I won't be adding these things as permanent fixtures to my store, in fact I'll probably only give it a week or so and then it will be back to normal.
Darla & Bean have finally joined the PDF family as well.
Regular (non advertising programming will resume shortly)

Thursday, July 10, 2014

In the thick of it.

After the show I threw everything into a room , washed some clothes, and headed to Tasmania.
I had an awesome time chatting and teaching at Frangipani Fabrics. We had a great group of people at the class and we laughed all day. 
There was a bit of touristy type stuff at Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary and Mona as well as other places.
The weather was crazily wonderful and far warmer than expected.
Now, I am home and washing clothes again before I head off to Warracknabeal tomorrow for a weekend of teaching !
(and there is stuff brewing folks - all manner of stuffs !)